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My Two Year Health Nightmare

It was November of 2009 and I was out with a group of Moms. We tried to get away once a month to talk, share stories, give and receive encouragement about parenting and eat together. I had battled health problems on and off since I had my twin girls in 2003, but I remember thinking […]


Does God Cause or Permit Bad Things In Our Lives?

Such a sad week for us here in The United States of America as we mourn the devastating tragedy in Las Vegas. When tragedy strikes, people have questions and understandably so. Does God cause bad things to happen to us? Does God permit bad things to happen to us? I heard the most clearly laid out […]


The Fear Of God – Excellent Message by Patsy Cameneti

TONY + PATSY, AUG 2013 colour-41

This is the way The Fear Of God should be taught! I loved this message and listened to it myself, probably 5 times! When we truly understand what The Fear of God means it actually delivers us from a whole bunch of other fears, including the fear of man. Tony Cameneti spoke at our church […]


The Simplicity of Grace

I had made life so complicated for so long. I still remember the main thing that drew me to a life of grace, like a magnet, was the simplicity of it. Eluny, who is from South Africa and currently lives in China (where she works with kids) has now arrived in St. Louis, MO for […]


God Is NOT Judging America

Or anyone else, for that matter. How could this be? Jesus, that’s how. Because perfect, sinless Jesus was willing to go to the cross and take the sin of the entire world upon Himself – 2 Corinthians 5:21 says Jesus became sin for us – God’s wrath toward sin was forever satisfied. Look, here’s the […]


What About Obedience?

Lori, from Dracut, Massachusetts recently emailed me the following question about obedience after reading my post titled There’s No Bad News In The Good News. Sandra….John 14:15 says “If you [really] love Me, you will keep (obey) My commands. And John 14:23-24 says “Jesus answered, If a person [really] loves Me, he will keep My […]


Freedom From Legalism

Do you find yourself wondering if you have done enough for God? Are you looking for a to-do list to accomplish for God in order to be acceptable to Him? When you struggle with sin do you think you would be able to overcome if you would just try harder? Do you have a hard […]


True or False? Being Sin Conscious Makes Me Sin Less

I laughed, I cried, I kept screaming “Come on, PREACH” and I thought, my goodness, if every Christian on the planet could hear this. Dr. Creflo Dollar is doing such an amazing job unveiling the beauty of Jesus through his teaching. I absolutely loved this message and I loved what he said about racism at […]


God’s Protection Over Us

You have probably figured out by now, especially if you watch the news, that you cannot count on the people and the environment around you always being safe. I made a personal decision a long time ago to stop watching the news because of the fear it brought along with it. Steve, my husband, tells […]


Where Sin Abounds, Grace Superabounds

All my life I had struggled with being late. Believe me, it was a chronic problem. I can even remember running down my subdivision street, chasing the school bus fairly often in elementary school as a result of standing in front of the bathroom mirror too long and not leaving my house in time. The […]

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