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Questions & Answers: Grace-Based Relationship Advice

Hi Sandra, My name is Debbie and I live in Australia. I have been reading your book and I absolutely love it! I have some questions that I would like to ask you about and hoping that you may be able to answer. My Answer: Hi Debbie! So happy you are loving my book. I […]


Quitting The Rules

A few days ago my husband Steve and I landed in Orlando for a three night marriage getaway. Today was our last day and we’ve had such a great time. We haven’t laughed this hard in a long time! Steve is the funniest person I know. When this man gets on a roll I am […]

Merry Christmas! (2017 Christmas Card)

We hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas season honoring & celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ as well as spending time with your family and friends. In this upcoming year may each of our hearts burst with gratitude toward our gracious heavenly Father – everyday – for sending His only begotten Son, Jesus, […]

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The Adventure of Spirit-led Living

My brother David lives on the edge. He likes action, he likes adventure and he can’t stand to sit around for too long before taking off again. He has traveled to over 150 countries, jumped out of an airplane, swam with sharks and I guarantee you he is currently contemplating which daring feat he can […]


You’re A Blessing Waiting To Happen

Do you believe this? You should because it’s true! A couple of weeks ago I was just going about my daily routine and I felt like God reminded me: Sandra, you’re a blessing waiting to happen! Right away I received this encouragement from my awesome heavenly Daddy and began to say to myself, “I’m a […]


Reproducing the Life of Jesus

How do we reproduce the life of Jesus? Hint: It’s not by trying harder! This teaching by Pastor Greg Riether, the pastor of Healing Grace Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is powerful and this isn’t the only one that is. I’ve been devouring Pastor Greg’s messages on YouTube this past month or so and they […]


Happy Thanksgiving – I’m Thankful I’m Alive!

I’m sitting in an airport, thankful I’m alive! Well, at least I was sitting in an airport when I started writing this post much earlier today. My flight was suppose to take off at 7:15am this morning and land me back in St. Louis to see my awesome family in time for Thanksgiving after a […]


The Salvation Army’s Motto – Others!

William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, once sent a letter to all of his officers. When they opened it, it simply said others. Below is a short video clip from this past weekend when I spoke at the Secrets of the Heart event held at The Salvation Army’s beautiful 800 acre property in Bourbon, […]


Blessed Because of Jesus

What do you believe you have to do to qualify for God’s blessing? There was plenty they had to do under the old covenant of law to receive God’s blessing and plenty they had to keep from doing to avoid coming under the curse, but you and I are no longer living under the old […]


Seeing Past Your Circumstances, To God’s Promises

One month ago was when all the fun started – NOT! I’ve actually been in the hospital twice in one month for two different things, but in this post I’m going to focus on the most recent event. Someone recently blessed me with $200 and encouraged me to go on a special outing with Jesus. […]