True or False? Being Sin Conscious Makes Me Sin Less

I laughed, I cried, I kept screaming "Come on, PREACH" and I thought, my goodness, if every Christian on the planet could hear this. Dr. Creflo Dollar is doing such an amazing job unveiling the beauty of Jesus through his teaching. I absolutely…

Do I Have To Confess My Sins For God To Forgive Me?

This message about 1 John 1:9 by Dr. Creflo Dollar was just too good and too clearly laid out for me not to share it! Do We Have To Confess Our Sins For God To Forgive Us? I know this is a loaded question and has caused great debate among…

Now That I’m Under Grace, Should I Repent?

Someone emailed me today asking about whether or not she needs to repent now that she is under grace. This got me thinking, which is a good thing! These kinds of questions only serve to help me on my own journey of grace as I hash out my answers. Romans…