The Real You – Video Series

As a Believer in Jesus there are so many things that are true about you, but even if something is true, if you are either not aware of it or you choose not to believe it, that truth won’t do you a bit of good.

The Real You series is all about me reminding you what is true about you in Christ Jesus! Why is this important? Because when you believe who you really are, you will begin to live the overcoming life in Christ. You will begin to reign in life through Jesus Christ!

I pray you are greatly encouraged as you watch this grace-based series! Here’s the link I refer to in this video series: Jesus in the Driver’s Seat.

Week 1: You Are Dead To Sin!


Do you feel like you struggle through life and no matter how hard you try, there never seems to be lasting peace? Well, I’ve got Good News for you! As a Believer in Jesus, you have been co-crucified with Christ; therefore, you are dead to the power of sin!  Believing this truth results in you living the overcoming life in Christ Jesus!

Week 2: You’re Alive To God In Christ!


How do you deal with frustrating situations, people or even frustration toward yourself? As a Believer in Jesus, the very same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you! You have the privilege everyday of placing your faith in the life of Christ within you instead of trying to do life in your own strength. This is such a restful way to live. How do I know? I’ve tried life both ways!

Week 3: You Are Chosen!


Ever been rejected? Ever been the last one to be picked by the captain of the team? Feels just like you’ve been punched in the gut, right? Well, I’ve got good news for you. As a Believer in Jesus, you are chosen! You’re in! You’re not waiting to get in or needing to earn your way in. You are in and you are in to stay…all because of Jesus! Why is this important? Because when you live convinced that you’re chosen, you live differently. You live confident!

Week 4: You Have The Mind Of Christ!


Whose job is it to renew your mind? You might be surprised to find out! When you read 1 Corinthians 13, do you think to yourself, “I need to be more patient, more kind, less arrogant, less touchy, etc…?” I did this for years, but I’ve found a much better way to look at these verses! Did you know that negative thoughts are not your thoughts? Sound crazy?

Learn the answers to these questions and more in this video my friends and I recorded together!

Here’s the link to the Women of Grace conferences that we talked about at the end of this video.

Week 5: You Are Victorious!


Did you know that as a Believer in Jesus, you are not “trying” to get the victory? You actually already have it. It’s yours because Jesus finished the work and stripped the devil of his authority over you!

Now you get to fight from a place of victory, not for the victory because the victory has already been won! Fighting from victory looks a whole lot different than fighting for victory!

Week 6: You Are The Light Of The World!


Why are there so many Christians who aren’t shining very brightly when Jesus told us we are the light of the world? I believe this video sheds some light on why this is happening and it has everything to do with us knowing our true identity in Christ.

What are we believing? That we have to try real hard to be a light and shine more brightly or do we know the truth about ourselves – the truth that Jesus Himself told us!

Week 7: You Are Peaceful!


You may not feel like it, look like it or sound like it, but the truth about you is that you are a peaceful person…in Christ. Being someone who is filled with peace is part of your identity!

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “No way, Sandra. You don’t know me. I feel like I’m freaking out half the time while trying to survive life. I’m anxious, frustrated and filled with every kind of fear imaginable.” Yes, I know that’s what you may be experiencing in the natural because we’ve all been there so many more times than we care to remember, but that’s not your reality in Christ.

Be encouraged by the Biblical truth I share about “The Real You” in this video!

Week 8: You Are Blessed!


What do you believe you have to do to qualify yourself for God’s blessings? Tithe? Give offerings? Both?

Five of my friends and I had a 75 minute livestream conversation regarding this subject. Here are the questions we answered:
– Why are you blessed?
– What do you have to do to qualify yourself?
– Are we living under the old or new covenant?
– Is tithing under the old or new covenant?
– Should there be any fear attached to your giving?
– Will you be cursed if you don’t tithe?
– Will you be as blessed if you don’t tithe?
– What does giving under the new covenant look like?

Week 9: You Are Righteous In Christ!


Your righteousness in Christ is not based on your good behavior or perfect obedience. It’s based on what Jesus did for you through His death and resurrection!

“That sounds too simple, Sandra.” Yep, it sure is. The Gospel is not complicated. Jesus literally did it all! Our part in the New Covenant of God’s Grace is to believe that He finished the work and provided everything we need to reign in life through Him!

Let me ask you a question? Did you obtain your free gift of righteousness from God by your good works? NO! Then you cannot lose your free gift of righteousness from God because of anything you do wrong! The moment any of us think we can do that, we’ve started depending on our own righteousness (self-righteousness), instead of God’s gift of righteousness given to us…all because of Jesus!

Here’s the link to Andrew Wommack’s article that I read from titled “Whose Righteousness?”

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