The Real You – Video Series

Special Note: I have removed these videos and look forward to re-recording this series at some point in the future!

As a Believer in Jesus there are so many things that are true about you, but even if something is true, if you are either not aware of it or you choose not to believe it, that truth won’t have an effect in your life.

The Real You series is all about me reminding you what is true about you in Christ Jesus! Why is this important? Because when you believe who you really are, you will begin to live the overcoming life in Christ. You will begin to reign in life through Jesus Christ!

I pray you are greatly encouraged as you watch this grace-based series! Here’s the link I refer to in this video series: Jesus in the Driver’s Seat.

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Hello Sandra. Guess what yesterday i actually felt condemnation on me and i wasn’t even sure what for. But because i knew that there is now no condemnation i realized for the first time it was the enemy putting a feeling on me and it wasn’t God or even me. So I immediately rebuked the enemy and stated that i am the righteousness of God in Christ. It’s great to have revelation so we can choose to believe the truth. Thank you.


Linda, I Love it!!!


thank you, Linda


Hello, Sandra I newly introduced myself to you through this website, I am enjoying being able to relate to your messages. they are insightful and enlightening.. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us in Christ Jesus. God bless you.


Maylisa, I’m so glad you are being encouraged by the Good News!!