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Here’s What Others Are Saying About This Book and Audiobook

“I have been listening to the audible book “I tried until I almost died.” It is amazing – excellent quality. I really like how Sandra McCollom herself is reading it – not just someone else reading her words. Sandra’s voice is so clear and easy to understand! And I love what she says in the book. So simple but powerful! I can relate on so many different levels! Thank you Sandra, for making this available to all of us!”

“I just began reading your book and it’s absolutely describing my life. I find it amazing and so inspiring.”

“On our date-day yesterday, Larry and I drove up to our local mountains and listened to your audio book!! He loved it! We would listen, then pause it and talk about our similarities, verses that came up in our hearts and then play it again! Such fun!!”

“Sandra McCollom thank you so much! I was laughing through listening to the first 3 chapters, because that is so me.”

“Chapter 1, amazing. You just described me and I married your husband.  LOL.”

“I downloaded mine yesterday! Been listening both days! The Lord is encouraging me through it! Love your voice!”

“I loved this book! I often have a hard time reading a book to the end, but not this one! It had me captivated to the very last page! Sandra shares her journey out of a life of struggle, frustration, and anxiety into the beautiful life that Jesus came to give us all- a life of rest and peace! So many christians can relate to her testimony, I know I can! Trying only leads to failure, but trusting Jesus leads to a glorious life, and Sandra shares how this transition has changed her marriage, her relationship with her children, her relationship with God, and brought such peace and joy to her soul! I love her transparency! It’s rare, but beautiful! Sandra shares so clearly how the true Gospel is not about behavior modification, but heart transformation! I love her personal stories and examples of how a simple change in focus from sin-consciousness to Jesus-consciousness changes everything! So simple, yet so profound! If you desire a deeper more intimate relationship with Jesus, that will change you from the inside out, you will love this book! As you see the beauty of Jesus and His amazing love & grace toward you, you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!”

“When I read the synopsis for this book I knew it was a must read for me. I have struggled with trying to be perfect for as far back as I can remember; even as a child. It took reading this book for me to realize that God, my family, and friends weren’t the ones putting the unrealistic expectations on me….I WAS.”

“I Tried Until I Almost Died” is now available as an audiobook and I can hardly contain my excitement! Where do I begin when it comes to this book?! Wow! My whole life as a Christian has changed, every misconception has been cleared away. Sandra’s passion is to help others by setting their eyes on Jesus and by doing this we discover the TRUTH, the GOOD NEWS! To have Sandra McCollom read her story- is awesome. Praise Jesus!”

“Loved your book!”

“I just love being able to have the audible to sync with my Bluetooth in my car! I took you to breakfast with me yesterday driving in beautiful North West Arkansas!!! I love the new audible app from Amazon!”

“Thanks to your book & you pointing me to Jesus.. I let go of a lot of TRYING hard! Woo hoo.. Been resting in the finished work of Jesus for the last 3 weeks and feel awesome!”

“I bought it your audiobook this morning and I’m on Chapter 7 already! Every precious word is such an encouragement. So many great one liners and affirming biblical truths. Your testimony is powerful. His grace is sufficient!

On the other side of Grace, everything looks different! Yes!”

“My friend Brenda has been sharing your wonderful story of grace and I’ve been listening to your audio book and really been blessed.”

“Sandra, I want you to know how great your book is impacting my life. I wish I could have read it years ago. Grace, Grace, Grace!”

“This book is life changing if you are a Christian struggling to always “be right.” Always trying to fix yourself… she opens your eyes to who Jesus is and how we are perfect- even when we aren’t! Freedom. Thank you Sandra!”

“I am listening to your book and love it.”

“We just bought ours off of amazon! It is so clear, and easy to listen to! How refreshing, we so relate…’s anointed Sandra, worth the wait!!!”

“I just finished your book. Pages are ear marked and highlighted to reflect your words of encouragement. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.”

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