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Under Grace, God Gives Us What Jesus Deserves, Not What We Deserve

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Friends, I’ve got a story for you! It’s a miraculous story of how the amazing grace of God can affect our everyday lives! I just returned back home last night from an awesome Grace XP Youth Rally at Healing Grace Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma with 5 teenage girls, including my own two girls. We had […]


Anger Management Made Easy

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Enjoy this message titled Anger Management Made Easy as I share with you how to live free from anger using my own personal experience. This is a 1 hour and 10 minute message so take your time. Watch it in segments if you need to. I think you’ll be glad you did as I always […]


God’s People Flourish In Troubled Times

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Has 2020 been a crazy year so far, or what? Have you heard any scary prophecies? Have you noticed if you’re personally expecting the worst or expecting the best? Friends, as I was sitting in the final session of the Grace Beach Vacation Conference last Sunday listening to Jerimiah Johnson’s message titled “God’s People Flourish […]


We’re Giving 500 Books Away and There Is No Catch!

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Hey Friends, after praying about what we could do to be a blessing to others during this Coronavirus outbreak we felt God put it on our heart to give 500 books away! Just watch the following video for instructions! Update: The book giveaway is now over as all the books have been claimed, but should […]


Why A Revelation of Jesus Changes Everything

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Are you exhausted from trying to get it all right? If so, this is gonna help you. It’s a dialogue of a recent conversation between a friend and myself and this friend, who has also been exhausted, just happens to be receiving a revelation of Jesus! My Friend: Jesus has really been doing a work […]


My One And Only New Year’s Resolution

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I have one and only one new year’s resolution for 2020. It’s the same resolution I’ve had for the past 8 years, ever since I came into a revelation of the person of Jesus as the person of grace! My one and only new year’s resolution in 2020 is to keep my eyes on Him […]


A Grace-Based Approach To Setting Boundaries In Relationships

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Sometimes I think people get the wrong idea that if they are living under grace then that means they need to let others mistreat them or even abuse them. Let me be clear; Jesus, the very person of grace, does not want you to be mistreated or abused. In fact, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John […]


Growing In Grace…Every Day

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I’ve been in one of the most exciting seasons of my life this past month, spiritually speaking. This is really starting to sink in for me which proves that we are all always growing in grace. I wrote this out recently and have now attached scripture references to it for you because I like you! […]


The Absurdity of Pharisaism

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I left the house at 11:30pm last night in search of sugar. I came home with everything in that picture. All the grocery stores were closed so I stopped in at the local gas station – one of those big one-stop-shop gas stations. I looked around for quite a while picking out my goodies and […]


The Simple Life

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Are you enjoying your life? I believe it’s God’s will for His children to enjoy life! Something I’ve noticed in the past couple of years is that many peoples’ lives are very dramatic. Complicated would be another word for it. Hey, I’m not judging anyone because my own life gets too dramatic and too complicated […]

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