From Anxiety & Frustration

To Rest & Relaxation


Learn To Live Free with God's Grace


Did you know God Could Not Love You

more than He does right now?

It’s true. His love for you is unconditional!




It Was For Freedom

That Christ Set Us Free!

Galatians 5:1 (a)

Sandra’s Book

Anxiety-Frustration-to-Rest-Relaxation-Sandra-McCollum2My book, I Tried Until I Almost Died, is about how I learned, by accepting God’s unconditional love and grace, to trade my anxiety and frustration for a life of rest and relaxation and how you can do the same!

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Sandra’s Blog

One year after my journey of grace began, God led me to start blogging about my story of freedom to show others that they too could enjoy freedom living. In this blog, I cover a wide variety of subjects and address each one from the foundation of God’s grace because true freedom comes only by His grace!

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Anxiety & Frustration To Rest & Relaxation

Sandra McCollomIs all the trying in the world still not giving you the results you want? Discover what it means to give up your own efforts and let Jesus take over.

Many of us believe that in order to please God, we have to be perfect. It’s an easy lie to buy into. In a culture that emphasizes accomplishment and ever-higher goals, we feel driven to do more, achieve more, be more.  The result? Anger, Frustration, and anxiety that keep us far away from the life of peace that Jesus promised.

For years, Sandra McCollom lived in this trap, until God revealed to her the riches of His grace. In I Tried Until I Almost Died, Sandra shares how she left behind her burden of anxiety and fear and shows you how to experience for yourself the freedom of trusting solely in the perfecting power of God’s grace.

Anxiety-Frustration-to-Rest-Relaxation-Sandra-McCollum2About Sandra McCollom

Sandra McCollom has a passion to see others enter into the life of rest that Jesus offers. She shares encouragement and biblical insight through her book, blog, and public speaking engagements. Sandra lives in the St. Louis area with Steve, her husband of 25 years, and their twin daughters. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her family as well as reading, writing and CrossFit training.

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