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Your Search For Significance Is Over

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to know that regardless of: how much you do or don’t accomplish on any given day how many compliments you do or don’t get how many people do or don’t understand you how many people accept or reject you how much money you do or don’t have what the […]


Experience God’s Love Through This Amazing Testimony!

“Valerie nearly died in a car crash, but found peace in Heaven. Meanwhile, her sister prayed for Valerie’s healing, and she came back with an amazing revelation.” – The 700 Club I’ve watched this 7.24 minute video testimony three times and every time I’ve watched it I cried and cried thinking about the day I’ll […]


Marriage Advice: From Disrespect to Respect

Do you have a difficult time respecting your marriage partner? I did for many years, but now because of the work God’s grace has done in my heart I have a deep respect for my husband. Maybe my story in this four minute video will help and encourage you! If you have not yet made […]