TV Interview With My Mom On Enjoying Everyday Life

I’m excited to share with you my first TV interview about my new book, I Tried Until I Almost Died! My Mom asked me to be on her Television program and I really appreciate her giving me the opportunity to tell my story of the changes God has brought about in my life because of His great grace!

I was having so much fun talking about Jesus that I actually forgot to mention that I wrote a book. My Mom had to remind me – ha!

Just click on the link below to go directly to the program. The interview I did with my Mom begins about 9 minutes in. (Keep in mind that since this was recorded over a year ago the adds/offers at the end of the program are not current).

If you have not yet made Jesus your Savior and received the wonderful joy that His finished work on the cross has provided for you to live in, please visit my page here titled Jesus In The Driver’s Seat. On this page I explain the good news of the gospel and you will have the opportunity to pray a prayer of salvation, making Jesus your Savior! Jesus loves you and His arms are wide open!

Sandra McCollom

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Thanks for sharing Sandra! I was tearing up along with you while listening to your story!! This blessed me so much, I can’t wait to read your book! You know, I wondered why you would feel this way just knowing who your mom is what she teaches! You answered that for sure. You’re right about personality; I am the same way!! Growing up, my mom always taught me these same things but sometimes you just have to learn for yourself, work through your own insecurities and experience God for yourself. We all have a story to tell and a journey… Read more »


Beautiful thank you, Sandra! You are Precious. Pastor Joyce Meyer, thank you. I listen to a lot of your messages and have been helped in so many ways.