Why A Revelation of Jesus Changes Everything

Are you exhausted from trying to get it all right? If so, this is gonna help you. It's a dialogue of a recent conversation between a friend and myself and this friend, who has also been exhausted, just happens to be receiving a revelation of…

My One And Only New Year's Resolution

I have one and only one new year's resolution for 2020. It's the same resolution I've had for the past 8 years, ever since I came into a revelation of the person of Jesus as the person of grace! My one and only new year's resolution in 2020…

A Grace-Based Approach To Setting Boundaries In Relationships

Sometimes I think people get the wrong idea that if they are living under grace then that means they need to let others mistreat them or even abuse them. Let me be clear; Jesus, the very person of grace, does not want you to be mistreated or…

Growing In Grace...Every Day

I’ve been in one of the most exciting seasons of my life this past month, spiritually speaking. This is really starting to sink in for me which proves that we are all always growing in grace. I wrote this out recently and have now attached…

The Absurdity of Pharisaism

I left the house at 11:30pm last night in search of sugar. I came home with everything in that picture. All the grocery stores were closed so I stopped in at the local gas station - one of those big one-stop-shop gas stations. I looked around…


Grace Beach Vacation Conference

Let's all go to the beach together and hear the good news!! I'm so excited about this conference. My whole family gets to come with me to this one! You may want to consider staying a few extra days after the conference ends to enjoy a little…

The Washington DC Area Grace Conference 2020

I'm thrilled to have another opportunity to bring the Good News to people and in a new city that I've never ministered in before! I hope you can join us for this wonderful, Jesus-centered, conference! For more information and to register go…

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Women of Grace Conference

A Jesus party of epic proportions is about to go down in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as we gather together to celebrate what our Jesus has done for us through His death, burial and resurrection! We hope you can join us! It’s so important for…

Conference - Grace and Faith 2020

Woohoo! God keeps opening doors for me to preach Jesus! It’s going to be an honor and privilege to point people to Him along with my brothers in Christ! Free Conference- No Registration - Open to all Public. #MakingJesusFamous

Westlake and Lakewood, Ohio - October 2020

I'll be speaking in several churches in Ohio in October!