Two TV Interviews – LIFE Today TV

I’m so glad to be able to share this TV Interview with you that I did with James and Betty Robison. They’re both such kind and personable people and I so enjoyed meeting them and getting to know them!

As it turns out, Betty Robison and I have both had similar struggles in this area of trying to live our Christian life through works and we have both been set free by God’s grace so it was really fun to tell our stories with the hope of helping others.

I felt super encouraged by James and Betty the night of the taping and I thank God for their words of encouragement to me!

I’m going to share two links with you in this blog post. The first one is a link to the TV show I did with James and Betty and the second one of is an interview that Randy Robison asked me to do before the Life Today show was taped. Randy, being a preacher’s kid like me, wanted us to talk about this subject and we did, plus a whole lot more.

Click here to watch the LIFE Today TV program


Click here to watch the Interview I did with Randy Robison 

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Sandra McCollom

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