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“The Real You” Series – Week 3: You Are Chosen!

Ever been rejected? Ever been the last one to be picked by the captain of the team? Feels just like you’ve been punched in the gut, right? Well, I’ve got good news for you. As a Believer in Jesus, you are chosen! You’re in! You’re not waiting to get in or needing to earn your […]


Is Success God’s Will For You?

My audiobook, “I Tried Until I Almost Died – From Anxiety & Frustration to Rest & Relaxation” is now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes! Here are the 3 retailer links: Audible Amazon iTunes Here are some comments I’ve received already in this first week from people who’ve been listening to my audiobook! “I bought it […]


“The Real You” series – Week 2: You Are Alive To God In Christ Jesus!

How do you deal with a frustrating situation, a frustrating person or frustration toward yourself? As a Believer in Jesus, did you know the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you! You are alive to God in Christ Jesus! As a result, you have the privilege everyday of placing your faith […]


“The Real You” series – Week 1: You Are Dead To Sin!

Do you feel like you struggle through life and no matter how hard you try, there never seems to be lasting peace? Well, I’ve got Good News for you! As a Believer in Jesus, you have been co-crucified with Christ; therefore, you are dead to the power of sin! This is very good news! Believing […]


From Ages 32-83, How Grace Transformed Their Lives

Enjoy as you watch this 19 minute video of these 14 ladies talking about what their lives were like before grace and what their lives are like now. You’ll laugh and you’ll be encouraged! Here are some comments from others about this video:   “Thank you for taking the time to share this video. It has […]


Why I Finally Stopped Counting Everything

Years ago I had little counter boxes next to each one of my social media share buttons at the end of each one of my blog posts. After I published a post those number totals of how many people were sharing that post to their social media sites dictated to me if I was acceptable […]


How Grace Changed My Pastors’ Lives

This interview below explains how God’s grace changed my pastors’ parenting, marriage and ministry! It will encourage you! Here are some comments from others about this video:   “This was awesome.” – Donna from Hinsdale, New Hampshire ____________________ “What a joy to have pastors with this heart.” – Shannan from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma ____________________ “Thank […]


How Guilt & Condemnation Was Blocking Me From Losing Weight

When you want something special to eat that is not on your diet plan do you give yourself full permission to enjoy it or do you feel bad the whole time you’re eating it? I did the later for many years and it was not helping me. In fact, the guilt I was feeling actually […]

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REST – The Most Effective Way to Live

Here’s a message I shared recently at my home church, Living Word Church. In it I talk about how, so many times in life, we can try to work for certain things or we can rest, knowing Jesus has already finished the work and given us those things. The choice is ours. One way of […]


The Old Covenant of Law vs. The New Covenant of Grace

Merry Christmas 6 months early because this may just be the best present you’ve ever received! I was so excited after receiving this document from Paul Ellis, whose ministry we support, that I just couldn’t even bring myself to wait until the morning to prepare this post and send it to you. I appreciate Paul […]