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2018 McCollom Family Vacation Memories

Oh, how I love my family! On our recent vacation we went to Disney World and then on a Disney Cruise. We found out they have a formal night on the ship and we McCollom’s are casual people. Seriously, the last time I wore a dress was at a wedding 7 years ago. All four […]


Don’t Fall For A Fake Gospel

The McCollom family is on vacation! But on our way to Florida we decided to stop off in Georgetown, Kentucky to attend a church service at Grace Point Church where Jeremiah and Stacey Johnson are the Pastors! Let me tell you, it was totally worth the stop and it won’t be the last time we […]


Five Free, Grace-Filled Messages from the Branson Women of Grace Conference

Been looking for encouraging, grace-filled teaching? You’ve found it and it’s free! In today’s blog post I’m sharing a link with you to the five teachings my friends and I did from the Branson Women of Grace Conference. Five Free, Grace-Filled Messages from the Branson Women of Grace Conference If you have not yet made […]


Becoming Fearless

Driving over bridges had never been one of my favorite things to do, but four years ago while taking a road trip vacation with my family to beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada we had to drive over a very long bridge – 8 miles long to be exact (pictured above). Special note: There are many […]

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Our Ministry Schedule Is Full, But That’s Not The Best News!

Well, God has decided to blow open the doors of opportunity and our 2018 ministry schedule is full and 2019 is starting to fill up, but that is not the best news I have for you today! Before I show you what the calendar looks like I have to tell you what the most exciting […]


The Coming Revival – Where Will It Begin?

I believe what I’m sharing with you today is a Word from God, but because this is never a phrase I throw around lightly, I sent this to 18 of my friends/accountability partners/mentors to get their feedback before sharing it. I received very positive feedback from everyone and was highly encouraged to share this through […]


Jesus Loves Me This I Know!

Hahahaha! I woke up and looked in the mirror this morning and just laughed! This picture is real. No make-up. No filter. Nothing. And guess what? I’m not the least bit afraid for you to see it. This will now be on Google for all to see and that doesn’t bother me at all. How […]


Christ In You,The Hope Of Glory

I have good news Jesus Is Alive! I have more good news Jesus Is Alive In You! Ok… now that you know this, go ahead and completely enter God’s rest because if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, He lives in you and if you have not accepted Jesus as your Savior, you can […]


Good Friday Indeed!

Friends, Jesus literally did it all. Our part is to believe that He really did. We simply get to wake up every morning and say Thank You! Isaiah 53:3-7, 9 Amplified Bible 3 He was despised and rejected and forsaken by men, a Man of sorrows and pains, and acquainted with grief and sickness; and […]


Relationship Over Rules

I recall when our girls turned 15, we we’re so honored that they wanted to celebrate their Birthdays with us over having a party with their friends! For the first 9 years of Angel and Starr’s lives I buried them under a mountain of rules. I was very works-oriented so I valued rules over my […]